Asthma Triggers And The Three Pronged Attack


Among all the diseases of the respiratory system. Asthma is the one that is most irritating, distressing and also most difficult to deal with. Difficulty in breathing, cough, breathlessness and Wheezing are the main symptoms of Asthma. As we know, respiration is a natural and effortless process. But in Asthma, The inner membranes of the airways get inflamed and there will be excessive secretion of phlegm resulting in difficulty in breathing. A complete and thorough understanding of the disease is essential to address this problem. It can be prevented and cured successfully with a three pronged attack viz.
1. Complete understanding of the disease,
2. Proper advice from the right doctor and
3. Proper drugs

Understand Asthma: Three Dimensional Strategy

Skilled Physician:-

Patient with proper Understanding + Proper Medication =Health + Happiness


Better results can be obtained if a doctor has a thorough knowledge of the disease and diagnoses it properly and administers and suitable drug. A lapse on any of these three aspects cannot give the desired result. The most important factor in the treatment of Asthma, for that matter any disease, is the right drug in right dose for a right duration of time.

Unskilled Physician:-

Patient without proper  Understanding +Drugs of poor quality   =Health + Happiness


The combination of the above three leads to unwanted effects resulting in untold miseries. People should be educated about the unwanted consequences and ills of it. Treatment should be given by skilled physicians. Patients should be educated and medicines should be right ones. Only then can this disease be dealt with success.


If a physician educates a patient about the disease, only that particular patient will be benefitted. If the members of his family are educated, it will be beneficial to the entire family. If the entire society is properly educated, multitudes will be benefitted. People should be educated not only about Asthma but also about other disease like Tuberculosis, AIDS and others. Awareness leads to education and these results in the emergence of healthy society devoid of Asthma or other disease.


Asthma Patient:- 


Family society =Life without Asthmatic Troubles


Generally, the onset of Allergy –Asthma is in the childhood and hence students, teachers and parents should have a good knowledge of this disease. Physicians should approach schools and educates teachers and student on Asthma. The managements of the schools also should avail themselves of the services of the physicians. If Asthma is identified in the early stages, it will be of immense help to the bright future of the students.




Teachers + Parents =Healthy citizen of Future India