Proper Breathing- Way To Healthy Life

‘Air’ is essential for all the living beings in the creation of God, the air breathed in by us enters into every ell of our body and invigorates the life –force and comes out through expiration. This is a common Phenomenon in all the living organisms. Asthma is a condition that causes difficulty in breathing and turns out to be a mighty challenge to the humanity. We should have clear understanding of this disease and treat it efficiently to obtain fruitful results and cure it. First, let’s see how the process of respiration takes place in human beings.

            Respiration: Respiration is the very indication of life. Every time we breathe, air enters into the lungs through the air-passages. There are two lungs attached to the bronchi. The structure appears like a tree upside down. As shown hereunder



The end of the main bronchus id divided into two branches and each lung is attached to one branch. The lungs have small and innumerable air sacs (like a bunch of grapes), called Alveoli. There is a network of capillaries (hair-like find blood vessels) covering these alveoli. The Oxygen in the air we breathe in reaches the alveoli. From there it enters into the blood in these blood vessels. At the same time, the Carbon di-oxide in the blood in these vessels enters into the alveoli. This impure air is sent out by expiration. This is, to put in simple terms, how respiration takes place in us.

The respiratory system is divided into two main parts: upper and lower. The upper division contains nose, nasal cavities, sinuses, pharynx, larynx and trachea. The lower part contains bronchial tree and lungs.

Asthma: Respiration, as we know, is a continues process that takes place in our body involuntarily. Asthma is a troublesome condition that obstructs this natural and continuous process, by attacking the respiratory organs.



We know that air passes through the airways, reaches the lungs and comes out during he process of breathing or respiration. Chronic inflammatory disorder of these airways is known as Asthma. The Asthma triggers react violently on the airways in this disorder. The inner membranes of the airways get inflamed resulting in ad drastic reduction of the lumen (inner space in the airways). As a consequence, breathing becomes difficult. The symptoms like cough, tightness of chest, wheezing (typical cat-mewing)  and difficulty in breathing are underlying disease is deeper and more complex than it appears to be.


The factors that trigger Asthma are: Climatic changes, air pollution, mould, dust particles, pollen, excitement, common cold, viruses, exercise, smoking, certain kinds of drugs and chemicals, certain food items, some insects like cockroaches, mites in clothes and pet animals.