Allergy-asthma is the ugly result of the eternal fight that has been going on between Nature and the Human Respiratory System since times immemorial. The battle between the human immune system (antibodies, Immunoglobulins-IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD, IgE)) and the allergens in the environment like dust-mites, pollen, fungus, bacteria, viruses and certain food-items is a perpetual one. The outcome of the combat between the IgE antibodies and the allergens is called IgE Mediated Allergic Inflammation.

Let’s see what this inflammation is, we know that ‘Flame’ means ‘fire’. When skin is exposed to intense heat or flame, blisters appear on the skin. The next day, we find a red halo around them and the part burned develops into a fester (Inflammation, pain and pus formation). Let’s imagine how this happens to our hand. Then, it becomes difficult even to raise the hand. A similar thing happens if such an injury occurs to any part of the body, be it because of bacteria, virus, chemicals, fungus or trauma. This condition is called ‘Inflammation’ For instance, if such condition is the result of allergy in the nasal cavity, sinuses, throat or the airways in the lungs, it is called ‘allergic inflammation’. This is also a kind of trauma or injury and hence he internal parts of the respiratory system get inflamed and serous (watery) discharge oozes from the affected part. It is aggravated by various factors like cold wind, hot wind, smoke, pungent odours, dust pollen, too much of laughing, crying or exertion and anything that doesn’t agree with our body.



If this condition is only for a short period, it is called ‘acute inflammation’ and if it continues for a prolonged period, it is called ‘chronic inflammation’. This type of prolonged inflammation caused by allergy in the respiratory system is called chronic allergic inflammation. It bothers the individual with its erratic consistency throughout his/her life. In some cases if may completely disappear as the age progresses. Also, it may get triggered at any stage of life depending upon the part affected we name it as allergic rhinitis sinusitis, Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, Bronchitis etc.

On the whole, the condition of the inflamed part is like a raw wound. An attack by the micro organisms or any damage to the respiratory system results in the constriction of the air passages. This leads to difficulty of breathing and other disorders. In a way allergy asthma is like and inextinguishable fire in our respiratory system. It gets triggered any time and a trouble a person one cannot describe is continuously going on to mitigate the suffering of the people. Yet, no drug has been discovered to extinguish this fire completely. Palliatives are, of course, available.

The drugs so far formulated are able to extinguish this fire to a very great extent. But they are not available to the suffering lot. There is fire in the respiratory system and there are drugs to address this problem very effectively. Still the fire is engulfing many lives. Many people are living in distress.

The chief aim of this book is only to inform the suffering lot that modern treatment and skilled physicians are available to them to effectively address this problem. To understand and extinguish this fire efficiently, a physician should have the same degree of fire dedication and skill in him. Only then will the allergy-asthma victims be relieved from this distressing and dreadful condition.

Sufferers of this ‘fire’ are not only the allergy –asthma victims but also the members of the family. They suffer from physical, psychological and social set-backs. Our SWASA endeavors to extinguish the ‘fire’ in the respiratory system.

Let’s now look into the structure of the respiratory system, which is every essential for the body.