Troubles Caused By Allergy & Asthma

  • No other disease causes so much distress as Asthma does.
  • No patient of any other disease uses so many drugs as an Asthma patient uses.
  • No patient of any other disease shifts from one doctor to the other so frequently as an Asthma patient does
  • Persistent cold, frequent sneezing, nasal-itch, itching of eyes, running nose, body –itch, cough, irritation and gurgling sounds in the throat, wheezing- are symptoms of Allergy-Asthma. Though it begins in the childhood, it troubles many people even when they grow up.
  • Asthma in infants and children takes away the happiness of the entire family.
  • Asthma in youngsters makes them and their parents worry about their career and marriage.
  • Asthma affects people of any age indiscriminately and caused problems for them and their families at physical, psychological, financial and social levels.
  • If the wife or the husband is an asthmatic, the spouse is intensely worried
  • Is Asthma such dreadful disease? Is it incurable? No, not at all. Then what is the problem? Why should people suffer endlessly? The problem is only lack of proper understanding and solution is to create awareness about the scientific way of dealing with it.
  • There are millions of Asthma victims in the society and there is modern and advanced treatment for Asthma. What is absent is only the Asthma Education that bridges the gap. The result is blind beliefs and unscientific treatment.
  • Surveys reveal that 10-20% of children and 5-10% of adults suffer from Asthma.
  • The Changing lifestyles, ever- increasing pollution and ecological disturbances are responsible for the increasing incidence of Asthma


  • There are many names that Asthma is called by including the vernacular names viz. Milk-Asthma, Mogullu, Dust Allergy, Bronchitis, Eoisinophilia, Sinusitis, Jalubu (common cold), Sardi, Jhukam, Altha, Aayasam (gasping), Rompa (cold) padisam (stubborn cold), Allergic bronchitis, Kapham (phlegm), Dammu, Immu etc.
  • Asthma is a serious problem not only to the individual and the family but also to the society at large. Asthmatics cannot discharge their duties properly resulting in net loss to the society.
  • Since the onset of Asthma is in early childhood, it should be brought under control in this stage. Parents should be educated to take necessary action to prevent the development of the disease.
  • Asthma hinders the growth of the children and the youth. It is a serious hurdle in their sports, education and career. They should be educated to overcome this trouble through modern methods of treatment.
  • Asthma in children is like putting a heavy burden on growing saplings. As long as the heavy weight is there on the plant, it will not grow. Same is the case with children suffering from Asthma. They cannot grow properly unless Asthma is rooted out.
  • It is a common observation among the asthmatics that they shift from one physician to the other quite.

for their inclination towards various systems of medicine are –

  • Lack of understanding.
  • Unbearable suffering.
  • Hope of getting cured.
  • ‘Let’s try this also’- kind of attitude.
  • Following another patient etc.

Cause for Allergy –Asthma: Atopy (body nature)+ dust, pollen, climatic changes, pollution, smoke, sweetmeat and sour food items, scents and perfumes, chemicals, medicines and any other agents that do not agree with one’s body.

Allergen Immunotherapy is a kind of therapy in which the person is immunized to the allergens. First, allergy-testing is done to identify the specific allergens that cause allergy to a particular person. Then the same allergen-extracts are introduced into the body in lower doses in the form of injections or drops. The dosage is gradually increased till the body develops its own immune system by which it can effectively counter the Allergy asthma. If the allergy is identified in early stages, immunotherapy can control Asthma successfully.

  • Preventive measures like a avoiding the allergy-causing agents
  • Treating through inhalation therapy, and
  • Controlling the disease by immunotherapy and providing cure to the patient gradually with long term treatment are the therapies so far available in the treatment of Allergy-Asthma

Allergen Specific IgE Assay (Chemiluminescent Assay System for the Detection of IgE Antibodies):  This is a modern Allergen detecting test. The IgE antibodies of many Antigens in our body can be detected within a few hours by testing just a single drop of blood in this test. The allergy-causing agents like food items, dust, pollen etc. can be easily found out in this test. This will help the patient in avoiding those things and preventing the attacks. The patient can undergo immunotherapy and also take Anti-IgE antibodies in the form of injections.