Asthma in infants & toddlers

Asthma in infants and toddlers (under 5 years age)

  • Infants can have wheezing, breathing difficulty that can start as early a 1 month of age. Wheezing can either be due to viral infections or can be due to asthma.
  • Toddlers can have wheezing, breathing difficulty, and cough. Cough can get so severe that they may vomit sticky sputum. These are usually associated with allergies such as the runny nose, nose blocks, mouth breathing.
  • Asthma affects daily activities, well being, learning ability, and sleep.
  • Asthmatic infants and toddlers are very sensitive to changes in the atmosphere, the presence of dust, odors, taking cold items, and viral infections.
  • Most of them will have allergies of skin, nose, adenoids, tonsils, and other allergies. Symptoms are worse during winters.
  • Right medicines to the Right Patient at the Right dose will give Right results.
  • With good medicines, Allergy-Asthma can be controlled excellently.
    Asthma for under 5-year-olds is a huge burden and halts growth. It won’t let the child grow properly.
  • We at Swasa understand the importance of leading a healthy life & quality sleep that helps us in providing a good quality of life with the freedom to breathe…



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