Snoring in Children & Adults

Snoring in Children & Adults

  • Snoring (Guraka) is a common problem leading to numerous other problems.
  • Snoring occurs due to multiple causes including nose blocks, fat neck, obesity, and narrow pharynx.
  • A snore can be loud enough to keep other people awake at night leading to a lot of problems.
  • Snores a lot and sleeps a lot during mornings
  • Slips easily to sleep while sitting idle, talking to someone, watching TV, reading paper, and while driving.
  • Uncontrolled snoring could be due to dangerous problems likeĀ  OSA, CSA
  • SLEEP tests will be done to evaluate the severity of your snoring.
  • Without good treatment for snoring, it causes Diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart diseases, high cholesterol. BP, Sugar will not be under control.
  • To have freedom from snoring consult sleep specialist at SWASA Hospital.


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