T.B - Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis – It is very common in India

  • It can be either simple or drug-resistant TB
  • After correct diagnosis and treatment TB can be cured with 6 months of Anti tubercular therapy. While MDR TB requires ATT for a longer duration.
  • TB can be there in sputum or in pleural fluid (water around lungs) or lymph nodes or any organ in our body.
  • At SWASA we diagnose and treat TB according to National Tuberculosis Elimination Program (NTEP) guidelines.


Pneumonia is infection of lungs. It is usually severe and needs treatment. Early detection and treatment is crucial to avoid complications and get good results.

Infection by Bacteria, Virus and fungus can cause pneumonia. However, there are non-infective causes of pneumonia

Diagnosis is made by examination of the patient and investigations including Blood, X-ray and if required CT thorax. Pneumonia is seen as a patchy opacity on X-ray, CT.

Treatment with antibiotics is crucial. Patient may need oxygen and other medications in some cases. ICU care may be required in severe pneumonias.

At swasa we use latest tests for obtaining accurate diagnosis and provide excellent treatment for pneumonias.

Pleural effusion:

Accumulation of fluid between lung and chest wall is known as pleural effusion.

It can be caused by TB, Pneumonias and other conditions.

Removal of pleural fluid with either a needle or a tube and sending fluid for tests is crucial for diagnosis and treatment.

At SWASA we have best pulmonologists who regularly handle such cases.



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